VX-GORO Belt Press is the smallest Belt Press from the production portfolio of VANEX with regards to the height and its dimensions. The Belt Press and its construction followed the requirements of smaller towns and larger communities for the plant with the parameters and economic availability that would ensure municipal sludge dewatering for localities with cca 1000– 5000 EO.


Sludge is fed into the Belt Press VX-GORO onto the upper sieve, which also partially acts as a gravity belt thickener.

After passing the gravity zone on the upper sieve sludge is turned over onto the bottom sieve. The arrangement of this allows filtrate to drain from upper part of the formed sludge cake. This process enables pressing of non-homogeneous sludge with low input dry matter.

The requirements for the operation of the belt press are:

  • pressurized water for splashing of filter belts. The Belt Press VX-GORO can be set on the filter reservoir VX-FN ( also a product of VANEX ) that enables to use drained filtrate for cleaning of the belts with significant savings of clean pressurized water.
  • compressed air circa 0,60Mpa, 1 m3/hr;
  • power supply 3/N/PE/AC 400/230 V 50 Hz TN-S, installation input power 2.25 kW;
  • flocculant solution for separation efficiency increase of the belt press.

This product is made completely of stainless steel and plastic materials (the corrosion is eliminated).

The Belt Press has fixed quality safeguard components and the remotely controlled speed of the filter belt movement through a frequency converter.

  • lower investment and operational expenses,
  • a continuous operation of the pressing process,
  • simple control,
  • small dimensions of the plant,
  • minimum demands for operation and maintenance (e.g. use of grinding valves which do not require any lubrication),
  • significantly easier handling of the pressed sludge in comparison with traditional bag-filling machine (the possibility of storage of pressed sludge in the containers or on the spur trucks, eventually on dumps).


In case of requirement for sludge dewatering on different places the mobile plant can be used. The Belt Press VX-GORO with another line components are fixed on the trailer according to the below scheme.

There is no need for supplementary water supply for filter belts splashing. Water for this purpose is gained from drained filtrate after its purification in the independent filter plant.

Filter plant eliminates operation expenses of the waste water treatment plants and mainly the risk of flooding out of the small waste water treatment plants.

Input and output places of the individual media are designed with the respect of quick commissioning of the mobile plant. Therefore sludge and splash water inputs are terminated with fast connects.

Power supply is ensured through the socket (32A) that is a part of the main power distributor.

Slide (extensible) low-speed conveyor takes away sludge from belt press outside of the mobile plant.

Requirements for equipment of the dewatering stand:

  • sludge reservoir with a blender (accumulation of sludge when the mobile plant is not available),
  • the horizontal platform circa 6 x 3 m to position the plant during operation,
  • clean water supply (preferably potable) for flocculants preparation with inflow cca 0,5 m3/h,
  • power supply 3/N/PE/AC 400/230 V 50 Hz TN-S, 12.0kW,
  • sludge cake withdrawal and disposal (a container, render, conveyor etc.),
  • joining of the pipeline for taking pressed water (filtrate) from the plant.



Plant dimensions l x w x h (m)

 VX –GORO Belt Press  2,53 x 1,40 x 1,50
 The mobile plant  3,8 x 2,7 x 2,8 + shaft 1,6m 
 Input dry matter (%)  1– 4
 Belt Press output (m3 . h-1)  0,5 – 3
 Output dry matter (%)  18 – 25
 Flocculants consumption (g . kg-1 a.s.)  2 – 4

Type of Belt Press
The Belt Press size
(l x w x h)
Filter belt width

Informative output of the Belt Press

kg a.s./h
m3/h while 4% inlet
3,20 x 1,40 x 1,85
20 – 120
0,5 – 3,0

3,20 x 1,60 x 1,85

1 100
30 – 200
0,8 – 5,0
 VX – GORO 10V

3,20 x 1,80 x 1,85

1 250
40 – 280
1,0 – 7,0
 VX – GORO 12V

3,20 x 2,00 x 1,85

1 350
50 – 344
1,2 – 8,6