An option of the line positioning on a framed structure is mostly designed for the sludge dewatering lines with the VX-GORO belt presses. Cable and pipe interconnections of individual line equipments in such case are performed by and at the producer’s plant. Design
of the line media inputs and outputs reflects requirements of quick line putting into operation or getting ready for transportation.


After the line emplacement at a site it is necessary to provide it with:

a)      potable water delivery (flocculant preparation),

b)      technical water delivery (sieve rinsing),

c)      electric power delivery,

d)      sludge for pressing process delivery,

e)      filtrate draining,

 f)      taking of and transportation of dewatered sludge cake (container, trailer, another conveyor etc.).

Line advantages:
  • simple installation when using the line for pressing at multiple sites,
  • minimum requirements of cargo space as a result of optimal arrangement of all equipments on the framed structure,
  • fully automatic pressing process and possibility of line thorough covering,
  • costs reducing by the price of the assembly and the price of the cable and pipe interconnestions of the individual line devices,
  • possibility of the line placement into a heat-insulated container,
  • line control from a single point (most frequently from a distributor situated on the chemical preparation plant).