The chemical preparation plant VX-CHH-DA is designed for fully automatic or manual preparation, storage and dosing of solutions prepared from powdery substances and from emulsions with the possibility of continuous remote regulation of the quantity of the dose.
The primary use is the preparation of flocculation medium solutions – substances that are intended mainly for the flocculation of various kinds of sludge before their processing in the belt presses, thickeners or other machines of the waste water treatment plants.

The following media are necessary for the operation of a unit for chemical preparation:

  • clean pressure water (flow rate 2–3 m3/h, pressure circa 0,3 MPa),
  • power supply 3/N/PE/AC 400/230 V 50 Hz TN-S, input power 2,42 - 3,52 kW,
  • a suitable type of powdery flocculation medium.


This plant mixes solution works in a fully automatic or manual cycle and it is controlled from an independent distributor (E), which is the part of this plant.

After commissioning, the equipment shuts the outlet YV2 and fills the solution tank (K) with clean water (F) through a solenoid valve YV1.
The filling speed can be regulated by a slide valve (C1).
When the propeller stirrer (I) becomes immersed in the solution tank, the feeder of powdery flocculants automatically starts to dose powdery flocculants and wet flocculants fall into the solution tank.
The concentration of solution can be regulated either by setting of time of dosing powdery flocculants or emulsion.
The solution is homogenised with a propeller stirrer in the solution tank.
The time of homogenisation can be set according to requirements of flocculants producers.
The valve YV2 opens automatically after the solution matures, flowing over into the bottom storage tank. The set of dip-electrodes ensures that there is enough capacity for the volume of water from the upper tank and the bottom tank does not overflow.
The solution is drawn from the storage tank (L) by a pump (H) with the possibility of continuously changing the dosing quantity during the operation of the plant by frequency converter (J), a scaled potentiometer.
The ratio of dilution can be watched on built-in rotameters (P) and regulated with slide valve (C2) and by the revolutions of the motor of a dosing pump.

Mixing of the flocculants solution and diluting water is accomplished in the mixer (N).
The back flaps (M) prevent unwanted dilution of the solution or possible water source pollution.
The slide valve C3 is used for the discharge of solution which is not effective anymore.


Units for chemicals preparation can be produced also as special versions; eventually they can be fully adapted for special customer’s requirements.
Special versions (eventually their combinations) are:
  • VX – CHHSXX –  DA, vertical unit for chemicals preparation consists of two polypropylene tanks with the dissolving tank situated on the storage tank. This version of unit for chemicals preparation requires an operating platform for feeding powdery flocculant supplies into the storage bin.
  • VX-CHHXXX-DAP, where "P" means memory which after power supply failure automatically ensures the cycle continuation from the moment of the failure,
  • VX-CHHXXX-DAT, the plant for preparation of liquid concentrated flocculation media solutions (eventually the other special solutions),
  • VX-CHHXXX-2DA, the plants with two, eventually more solution dosing pumps controlled separately,
  • the plants with enlarged tank capacity.

  • implementation of its own distributor considerably reduces the cost
    of electrical installation of the plant,
  • a continuous remote control of the pump output during the operation and automatic preparation of flocculants solution enables the optimal setting of a dose of flocculants (savings flocculants) and simplifies overall line operation,
  • the outlet of the dosing pump can also be regulated by electric current 4–20 mA (a possible control of the pump output by the superior control system),
  • a possibility of displaying the pumped amount of solution on the control panel screen or on the PC-screen.
  • VX – CHHXXX – DAT, unit for preparation of liquid concentrated flocculation media,
  • VX – CHHXXX – DAP, letter „P“ means memory that after power supply failure automatically ensures the cycle continuance from the moment of the failure,
  • VX – CHHXXX – 2DA, units with two, eventually with more separately controlled dosing pumps for the solution,
  • VX – CHH3LXX – DA, three-chamber unit for chemicals preparation – unit consists from a polypropylene tank of the net volume 1,7 m3 that is divided into 3 sections each 570 l,
  • units with tanks enlarged capacity.


 Assumed concentration (%)
 Approximate mixing output (m3.h-1)

When mixing solution with higher concentration and using a dilution branch, it is possible to achieve the output of the standard equipment up to 2,5 m3.h-1.
However, in the event of possible atypical use, we recommend discussion with the manufacturer.

 Dimensions of a type plant (m)
  Weight (kg)