VX – CHH – BENTONITE is a  fully automatic compact unit designed for blunging and aging (maturation) of powder bentonite and for its dosing into the technological process.
The capacity of a standard unit is minimally 2000 l/hour of a 3% product, the total dimensions of the unit are l x w x h: 3000 x 1350 x 1800 mm.
Blunging and aging of the powder bentonite  is realized in three sections.
After the decrease of the water level in the third section, the first section is automatically refilled with water and after this refilling the high-speed mixer and the screw-dosing-unit for the powder bentonite are switched on.
The first section serves for an intensive and perfect mixing of the powder bentonite with water.
The perfect mixing of a 3% product without occurrence of visible agglomerates is achieved thanks to the small volume of the mixing tank (250 l) and thanks to the high-speed mixer (2 800 rev/min, 3 kW) in the time of circa 30 seconds.
After one minute of mixing the bentonite is automatically pumped into the second aging (maturation) section.
The solution is pushed up into the third storage section via system of communicating vessels and from there it is dosed into the technological process.
After the whole BIG-BAG is used the process will be stopped and the unit sends a signal for BIG-BAG replacement.
After the replacement of the BIG-BAG the preparation process is automatically renewed, the prescribed concentration is retained.

Unit´s advantages

Compactness: our unit creates a compact whole that includes the distributor, dosing pump and the inductive measure for dosing amount.
Simple installation: after putting the unit on the floor and after power and water connection as awell as after the installation of output pipes for the dosing pump, the unit is prepared for the continuous operation. Our unit does not require any operating platform. The input opening for the BIG-BAG is in the height of 1 300 mm from the floor.
High corrosion resistance: the used materials are PP, PVC and stainless steel.
Simple operation: The required concentration is set up by a button and it is displayed on the display of the control panel. After setting up the concentration our unit can be switched into the automatic operation with one button.
For service purposes every electric component can be switched on with a separate switch.
Extensibility: this unit can be extented with additional dosing pumps..
To increase the capacity the second and the third section can be enlargend according to required performance.

View of a standard unit:

1. Hopper for powder bentonite with the opening for BIB-BAG, with vibrator, screw feeder and capacitive sensor for bentonite deficit, 2. Pump, 3. High-speed mixer in the second section, 4. Horn, 5. Distributor with control panel, 6. Low-speed mixer in the third section, 7. Level sounds, 8. Storage tank 2, 9. Storage tank 1, 10. Hand ball valve for thinning water, 11. Pneumatic controlled saddle valve for thinning water, 12. Level sounds, 13. Solenoid valve, 14. Blunger tank, 15. High-speed mixer in the first section, 16. Screw dosing pump, 17. Hand ball valve for irrigating and watering of the screw dosing pump, 18. Inductive flowmeter, 19. Safety valve.


Dimensions of a type plant
Input power
Lenght Width Height 550 11,8
3,00 1,35 2,23