Unit for chemicals preparation VX–CHH3LX–DA is a three-chamber compact unit for fully automatic preparation and dosage of solutions prepared from powdery or emulsion flocculants. The standard unit consists from a polypropylene tank with total active capacity of 1,7 m3 that is divided into 3 sections.
The first two sections are equipped with mixers which are designed for primal mixing and for maturing of the solution.
The third section serves as a store section.
With decreasing the rate of flow to zero the screw feeder stops feeding too. After the flow is renewed unit continues preparing solution of the set up concentration. This system ensures the constant concentration even in significant deviations in the flow of the thinning water. The thinning water and screw feeder are automatically disconnected through capacity sensor placed in the supply tank of the powder screw feeder. After refilling the powdery flocculant, unit continues in solution preparation.

Unit advantages:

Compactness: This unit has a form of a compact whole including electrical distributor and solution dosing pump. It can be delivered – according to requirements – as a left or right version.
Simple installation: After imbedding on the even floor and connecting to power, water and to output piping for the solution, unit is ready for permanent operation. This unit does not need platform for operating personnel. The feed entrance of the flocculant feeder is in 1,3m height.
High corrosion resistance : Used construction materials are PP, PVC and stainless steel.
Simple operation: The required concentration is set up with two buttons ↓↑, and is shown on the display. After setting the required concentration, one switch switches the unit to automatic operation. To control the function each electrical component can be tested through separate switch.
Reliability: As scanner for the flow of the thinning water, which is the main component for the automatic operation, is used rotameter with magnetic water-level float. One linear power transmitter 4 – 20 mA is fixed on the outside part of the rotameter. This linear transmitter is flooded in a plastic material. The signal for the change of the outgoing power is transmitted via magnetic field. A system like this has practically unlimited life even in very hard operation conditions and does not need any maintenance. The signal 4 – 20 mA from rotameter goes directly to the frequency converter for the powder, without its further processing in the control automat, thus this unit is considerably simplified, with high reliability. The solution dosing pump is protected against dry run and against high pressure on the output.
Extensibility: Unit can be extended for further solution dosing pumps. After adding an emulsion dosing pump, unit is able to prepare automatically also solutions from emulsion flocculants.


 Dimensions of a type plant