Contact data
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Sludge source (brief description of its origin):
Sludge structure (Sludge main components and their amount in %):
Actual sludge processing:
Total average dry matter in sludge: %
Amount of produced sludge: m3 . day-1 m3 . year-1
Total portion of organic component: %
Way of sludge storage – storage tank: m3
Mixing in storage tank: áno no Sludge passage time in storage tank: hours.
Sludge temperature in storage tank: °C Sludge pH in storage tank:
Draining filtrate quality requirement: NL mg . l-1 Requirement to dry matter in pressed sludge: %
Required performance: m3 . day-1 Expected working hours of the unit: hours . day-1
Water Source for Unit Spraying Water Source for Solution Preparation
Quantity: (m3 . hours-1) Quantity: (m3 . hours-1)
Pressure: MPa Pressure: MPa
NL - Content: mg . l-1 NL - Content: mg . l-1
Temperature: °C Temperature: °C
pH: pH:
Hardness: °N Hardness: °N
Compressed air Utilized Flocculation Medium
Quantity: m3 . hours-1 Charge g . kg-1 a.s.
Pressure: MPa Kind