About the firm

VANEX in the stated areas offers:
  • Consultations

  • Projects and proposals

  • Products deliveries

    • static and mobile classic and high-pressure belt presses for dewatering of municipal, industrial and other kind of sludge,
    • slot and belt thickeners,
    • other components of the sludge terminations (chemical preparation plants, distributors, sludge pumps, compressors, hygenization, belt conveyors, service platforms etc.).
  • Installation, commissioning and attendant training

  • Service of the given plants

  • Accomplishes maintenance and reconstruction of the belt presses produced by different manufacturers

  • VANEX since its beginning (1992), based on 26 years experience and practise, has been developing and continuously improving belt presses and other additional components of the lines.
  • VANEX up to the end of the year 2017 manufactured and commissioned more than 250 technological lines with belt presses and supplied plants to more than 509 localities.
  • The philosophy of the company is an immediate introduction of knowledge from belt press operation into the construction and production.
  • The ideal way of achieving this is launching of the technological lines into operation direct by the constructers of the company VANEX. This is one of the main principals of our company.
  • While improving the level of the technological lines with belt presses, VANEX is also focusing on economy of the operation by the optimal power, flocculants and other media consumption.
  • The company is located in Liptovský Hrádok, and you are warmly welcome. We will endeavour to solve your problems meeting your requirements. The access to the company can be found with the help of the map